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Privacy statement

Who are we?

Prolists is a trading name of Aquila UK Ltd, registered in England (1997) under company number 3320519. Our registered address is 23 Bridgeman Terrace, Wigan WN1 1SX. 

What do we do?

Prolists supplies marketing data, under strict licence conditions, to UK businesses and public/third sector organisations wishing to communicate with senior postholders in the UK Public Sector. This marketing data contains limited work-related details of selected senior postholders in that sector. We do not deal with any type of consumer data. Examples of our customers include large public bodies, such as the NHS and Local Authorities, major business enterprises, and small to medium businesses including suppliers of medical equipment, NHS supplies, business services and software applications. We do not supply companies where we judge their products or services to be irrelevant or inappropriate to the postholders we have in our database. Customers are required to comply with UK & European regulations relating to privacy and data protection legislation. 

Who is affected by this statement?

This privacy statement is for three groups of people. The type and scope of personal data we process depends on which category you fall into. 

Website users 

Individuals who visit our website to research the products and services we supply. 


Individuals and businesses with whom we have transacted business. 

Public Sector Postholders 

Individuals who’s details we may supply to qualifying third parties. 

Such postholders are typically senior decision-making contacts working for public bodies including the NHS, Local Government, Blue Light services and Central Government. 

Lawful basis for processing personal data

Under the direction of the General Data Protection Regulations we have selected the following lawful bases for the processing of personal data: 

Website users 

We will process your data on a Consent basis. Unless you specifically tick a box or advise us that you wish us to use your details for future contact, we will not do so. 


We will process your data on a Consent basis. When you have placed an order, consent is reasonably assumed as being granted, as it will be necessary to communicate with you from time to time in relation to our existing business relationships and transactions. You may opt-out at any stage, but this means we won’t be able to update you with key information – for example when the latest version of your list is available, or when an invoice is due. 

 Public Sector Postholders 

We will process your data on a Legitimate Interest basis. In order to carry out the long-established operations of our business and meet the needs of our customers, we have a legitimate and reasonable need to store, process and disclose a limited set of your business contact details. We fully respect your rights and you may opt-out at any stage. 

What personal details do we hold or collect from you?

Website users 

We do not collect any personal data when you browse our website. The website does not currently use cookies. If this should change we will update this statement. We use traffic Analytics to help us understand the way in which people use our website, but no personally identifiable data is collected. When you submit an enquiry using one of our online forms, we will collect the following details: organisation name, your name, telephone number and email address. These details are used to help us reply to your enquiry, or if you have opted-in, to communicate with you occasionally about the products and services we supply. Forms include tick boxes that allow you to subscribe to future communications from Prolists. If you do not tick a box, you will not be contacted unless you request it. We will not under any circumstances share your personal data with third parties, except if required by court order.


Where we have transacted business with a customer we collect and store the following details. Organisation name and address, website address, contact name, job title, telephone number, email address and details of any orders placed with us. These details are used to help us manage your account and orders, and to communicate with you occasionally about the products and services we supply. We also need to retain your details so that we can let you know when data licences are about to expire. We will not under any circumstances share your personal data with third parties, except if required by court order. You may opt-out of future contact by telephone, email or by using the online enquiry form, however we do need to retain your details for licencing and compliance purposes. 

 Public Sector Postholders 

Why do we store public sector postholder details? Prolists’ customers comprise major enterprises, public sector bodies and small-medium enterprises. These organisations wish to communicate with senior postholders in the public sector to promote relevant and appropriate products, events and services. We do not supply any organisation or individual offering personal services, or products that are aimed at the consumer marketplace. We take reasonable steps to check that products and services are relevant to the job role/job title of the postholder. Data held. The personal information we hold for postholders is limited to the following details: organisation name, job title/job role, workplace mailing address, workplace phone number and workplace email address. We do not collect or hold details of a postholder’s domestic profile (e.g. home address, mobile number, income). Use of your details. Prolists supplies its customers with postholder workplace details under strict licencing conditions. Such details are never sold to a customer but supplied under a limited-term (usually 12 months or less), limited-use licence. Customers are prohibited from distributing these details and this is enforced by financial penalties. Customers must also agree to comply with relevant data protection legislation and to only use your details in an appropriate, compliant and reasonable way. To view the terms and conditions under which postholder details are supplied to customers please see our terms page. In order to help customers remain compliant we offer them up to three data updates per year at no cost while they hold a valid licence. How did we obtain your details? Prolists is both a compiler of marketing lists and a supplier of selected third-part lists. Where we acquire postholder details from a third-party, that party must confirm compliance with all relevant data protection legislation and have collected your details in a legally compliant way. Where Prolists has acquired your details directly, this has been done either via sources that are already in the public domain or by direct contact with you or your employer. 

Your rights

We fully respect your rights under the relevant data protection regulations. These include: the right to be informed, the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erase, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. Full details of these rights can be view on the website of the Information Commissioner here. If you would like to complain about the way in which we use or process your data, or to opt-out of one of our databases, please use our online enquiry form or email us on info@prolists.co.uk. 

Our Technical Structure & Data Security

Personal data is stored in a secure electronic environment comprising of password protected Windows servers and Microsoft Access/MySQL databases. External access to our electronic systems is not permitted and they are protected by firewalls. Antivirus software is installed on all platforms. Data is backed-up daily and archived within the secure environment. Physical access to our systems is via locked doors. Any physical records are held in locked filing cabinets behind locked main doors. Access to these systems is limited to only those persons necessary to manage the technical/database architecture. All data sent to and received by our website is encrypted and protected by the HTTPS protocol. Our website does not use cookies. 

Data controller

Andrew D Watson, Director – 0800 612 4903