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Our comprehensive list of  gp practice email addresses for the uk
GP Practices are effectively small businesses with a wealth of specialised and general buying requirements. Collectively the primary care sector receives 9% of the NHS budget, or around £15bn, making it a lucrative market for suppliers with the right products.  The average GP Practice has 6 GPs, a practice manager, various clinical staff, an admin team and a patient list in excess of 9,000.  Imagine a small business with perhaps 15 employees having that many customers. This creates a great deal of stress and business pain and this in turn demands problem solving business solutions in IT/Software, Finance, HR, Locum Recruitment, Purchasing, Medical Equipment and Consumables. Looking for Secondary Healthcare, Hospital & NHS Email Lists & Mailing Lists? Click here. We often get asked how many GP practices there are in the UK and there are widely differing opinions on this. It depends on what you mean by ‘GP Practice’.  Our definition is an active practice that provides free primary care to families, i.e., your standard family medical practice.  We can say for sure that there are 8,481 (August 2021) that meet that definition, based on information freely available from the NHS Organisational Data Service. There are many other types of GP Practice, but the vast majority (around 4,500) are ‘special’ practices, for example within the MOD, prisons, addiction clinics and many other types. Generally, these types do not have a Practice Manager. We believe the key business decision-maker in a busy practice is the Practice Manage who, increasingly, may also hold a partnership in the business. They are in effect the CEO or Operations Director of a business enterprise with a budget in excess of £1m. They will generally be responsible for Recruitment, IT/Software, Finance, HR, Purchasing, Medical Equipment and Consumables This is a key focus for Prolists and we believe we offer the most comprehensive and accurate practice manager mailing and email list available for the UK, with around 8,000 verified contacts and 6,300 practice manager email addresses and over 3,600 GP email addresses.
NHS GP practice lists
GP833 NHS GP Practices Board/Committee PCN – Clinical Director Lead position within a Primary Care Network. Accountable to member GP Practices, leading delivery of planning and effectiveness of the PCN Contacts / Emails: 38 £7.60   GP837 NHS GP Practices Health GP General practice Contacts / Emails: 3623 £724.60   GP232 NHS GP Practices Health Nursing Services Responsible for managing and co-ordinating the various nursing functions within both primary and secondary (acute) care. Includes Clinical Governance, which will often be monitored in conjunction with the Medical Services department Contacts / Emails: 3 £0.60   GP8 NHS GP Practices Health Practice Manager The person that manages the running of GP Practices Contacts / Emails: 5444 £1,088.80   GP7 NHS GP Practices Health Senior GP Most Senior GP within a Practice Contacts / Emails: 32 £6.40